Are you a Lightworker, Crystal Lover, Healer or Peace Maker?

The Universe has brought you here...this information is for YOU!

Right now all over the world there are like minded people (just like you) who want to help make this world a better place.  Now more than ever, the earth needs us to unite and tip the scales in a positive healing direction.

With Coronavirus, Wild Fires, Earthquakes, Negative Media and Really Negative Everything...this World Needs Our Help!!

Here's what you do...

It's easy, just tap in!  Use your amazing love for this world to call upon source energy and send healing energy into the grid that already surrounds our earth. You can do this anytime, anywhere, with just a thought. With so many people all over the world doing this at the same time, we maximize our healing efforts!!

Wanna do more...?

Make a crystal grid!!  By creating and activating a crystal grid, you will help amplify your/our efforts. AND AND AND if we all use the exact same intention for our crystal grids...


So here's the intention for your grid:

"I call upon source energy to make me an open channel for sending love and healing energy into the

Worldwide Lightworker Grid"

Please... Please... Please...

Share this website with everyone you know that wants to help make this world a better place!

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Thanks for all of your efforts to help make this world a better place!